Sunday 1 January 2023

On Rekindling


Last year we admitted that 2021 was a bit of a shitshow whirlwind, so it was a pretty stark change that 2022 felt (at least in comparison) relatively calm. And yet, when I think back on this year it might have been less hectic and stressful but it was actually a lot more adventurous!

A lot of this year was defined by saying “fuck it” and throwing caution to the wind. We ghosted texts from people who weren’t worth the energy; and yet we dropped things and ran for others who were. We hit the road and solo-adventured to familiar shores (dog always in tow); we caught flights and pillaged unfamiliar shops (trusty faux-husband planning the route). We set not one but many fires (literal and otherwise) and we found our grounding in a pattern of seeking through random acts of whimsy and wonder. Our journey might still be an undefinable work in progress, but at least it’s ours - and at least we had fun along the way. Here’s to seeing what new (and old) adventures we have in 2023!

Most used emoji: 🙌🏻

Sometimes we were throwing confetti, and others we were throwing hands. Make of that what you will. 

Most spun album: Peaky Blinders soundtrack (seasons 1-5)

An album that we picked up and didn’t stop spinning for 3-4 months, through the grimy winter and into the burgeoning light of a very late spring. An album that took my hand, walked with me through the darkness, and brought me back to a more honest (if not necessarily lighter) place. 

Fav read: 

We read books that were fantastical (Faeries of the Faultlines), books that were meditative (A Prayer for the Crown Shy), books that made us want to run through grass fields at sunset/rise (Honeycomb), books that made us roll our eyes at insider-nonsense (Art on Deck), books that always make us laugh (Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging), and not just a few books that made us Believe. 

Vibes that we’re bringing forward into 2023: more. Just more of all the things that continue to rekindle us. 

More fire. 

More quiet moments. 

More beach days. 

More solitude. 

More friends. 

More last minute plans. 

More laughter. 

More wonder. 

More shenanigans. 

More ridiculous outfits. 

More puppy snuggles. 

More art. 

And maybe, most of all, more life.

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