In October of 2011 I started this blog with the idea of becoming one of those cool fashion bloggers - I had the shoe collection, so why not put it to good use, right - but with the added caveat that my unapologetic nature

What do you get when you add a ridiculous shoe collection and an unapologetic nature together? This blog!

Circa Autumn 2010, my friend Mel uttered the phrase “I’m not sorry, because I’m fabulous” as a catch-phrase of sorts to describe my strange personality, which I quickly appropriated for the title of this blog. Initially filled with pages of Shoe Sundays, strange fashion inspirations, and far more opinions than should be posted on the internet, this blog has become equally as random as myself. It has seen me travel from one coast of Canada to the other (and back), and has generally kept up along the way in various iterations over the last 5 years.

In its current headspace, this blog has become more opinionated and less overtly fashionable, though it shall never cease to be fabulous!

About Me: Riella (aka Jaimie in real life, no unapproved nick-names allowed); Archivist currently trapped in the Queen City, who prefers to spend her evenings in bed with a book than out on the town. Unless it’s for random midnight playground adventures. Then I’m so there!

5 loves: chocolate, thrift store quests, the feeling of being inside on a rainy day, unexpected moments of beauty in city-living, urban fantasy.

5 hates: white shirts which inevitably attract mustard stains, people who tell me what to do, pickles, not being able to afford real estate, being far away from the BFF.

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