Mmm social media...
(let's be friends!)

I hated Instagram, until I didn't;
Full of random pictures from my everyday life

I'm Not Sorry, Because I'm Fabulous: Tumblr edition
Mood-board, style-inspo, and absolute randomness;
Prone to sudden bouts of Tom Hiddleston.

Weird thoughts, far too many re-tweets, & shouting into the Void;
(still waiting on the Void to shout back)

I like to read. A lot...
Books = Life.
None of that eBook bs.

 For my real friends
Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends

Dance all day, sleep all night
(because they're 7 hours ahead of us, and play the party tunes early)

Creating outfits I'll never own is fun, right?
Vampires, aliens, & Chris Evans (am I right?)

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