Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Princess' Polkadots

"Crescent" skimmer flats by Betsey Johnson
I scooped these babies at Value Village for $5, after someone returned them. Apparently some people just have terrible taste! Don't you just love the corsetting on the back and the little bow?

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Hollywood Darling

OPI "My Big Break" from the winter 2007 Holiday in Hollywood collection
in shade




you can see the microglitter shimmer in this one!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Party Princess

No one does adorable party dresses like Betsey Johnson, and obviously I enjoy playing the diva princess, so for Betsey Johnson appreciation week it was fitting to feature my frilliest, girliest, most fabulous party dress. And of course, I have the tiara to match. Sparkle on bitches ♥

vintage layered dress, silver pumps by Heeltown, rhinestone earrings and ring by Claire's, rhinestone tiara and patterned tights by Ardene's, vintage pearl necklace, Annabelle metallic lipstick in Magnétique

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

It's my Party, and I'll cry if I want to

I’ve never been a big fan of birthdays. Not because of the whole age thing (I actually like getting older and growing up), but because every time I plan an awesome party it ends up getting ruined, and I wind up in tears. I remember the good old days of being a kid, when birthdays were awesome, and I always looked forward to them. My parents did all the planning, we invited everyone, I got lots of presents, we usually went bowling or swimming or something equally fun, there was CAKE, and at the end we all got goody bags full of toys and candy. I haven’t had birthday cake at my birthday in years, and adults should totally be allowed to have goody bags at their birthday parties! That way everyone leaves with fun random stuff! Maybe it’s time we took alcohol out of the equation, left the party-poopers at home, and went old school. We may be getting older, but I’m going to stay young at heart forever, just like Peter Pan!

In other news: it’s one of my BFFs birthdays today, so here’s a shout out to the craziest, most random, most amazingly awesome birthday girl ever! Happy birthday Liz, you’re old(er than me) © Someone had better take her out for birthday fun, since I’m not there to do it (I’m looking at you Garrett)! 

Liz & her fiancé Garrett (they're so cute!)

Did I mention that the lucky bitch just got engaged? At Disneyland, in front of the castle? Yeah, this is SO Liz's year!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Project Runway & Payless

Hopefully someday in the near future Austin Scarlett will branch out and design some shoes, but for now we'll have to be satisfied with Christian Siriano's (a former winner of Project Runway) designs for Payless. Partnering with a store seems to have kept Siriano on the minds of consumers (truth be told, we can't all afford his actual runway creations), so I'm crossing my fingers that Austin will get a similar deal. I can just imagine the fanciful and over the top shoes that he would create! They would be full of glamour, class, and just enough sparkle, and who doesn't love that in a shoe :) In the meantime, check out the latest collection for Payless from Christian Siriano, which you can buy online here, or at Payless stores!

Christian Siriano for Payless
"Anna" cutout wedge bootie
image borrowed from here

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Leprechaun Kisses

Since I already have plans for all of my green nail polishes I had to come up with something extra creative for this St. Pattie's day. Being Irish gives me an excuse to drink (like I really need an excuse), and if I'm going to use the national holiday as an excuse to drink, I should probably try to dress the part as well. So I decided to do a little glitter layering experiment with China Glaze "Snow" and "Mistletoe Kisses," and low and behold it worked out perfectly! The white polish basecoat (2 coats) makes the green-tinted base of "Mistletoe Kisses" (one coat) show up as a nice minty green flecked with green glitter! Mint is apparently one of the big colours of spring (according to Lady Gaga and the majority of the fashion houses), but we all know that I like everything with a hint of glitter :) It would have been even more leprechaun-y if the glitter had been gold flecks floating in the green basecoat, because then the colour would have looked like leprechaun gold!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Next Yves Saint Laurent?

I’m not the only person who’s noticed the eerie resemblance between Austin Scarlett and Yves Saint Laurent, not only in the looks department, but also due to fabulous couture fashion designs. YSL is one of my favourite designers of all time, so it’s no wonder that I took an instant liking to Scarlett’s design aesthetic, which runs towards the luxurious and fanciful. I was ecstatic when he made it into the finals of Project Runway All Stars, and I’m crossing my fingers that he’ll take the show by storm. Your time has come Austin, and this time you’ll rock the runway Scarlett style!

Portrait from Wikipedia
Pictures 1-3 from Austin Scarlett's website
Pictures 4-5 from My Lifetime

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Don't Call me Starlet!

image from Persephone Magazine

In a hideously embarrassing faux pas, designer & Project Runway All Stars judge Isaac Mizrahi mistakenly referred to genius contestant Austin Scarlett, as Austin Starlet (see the finale of Episode 7). Dear Austin has been known to be a bit of a drama queen, but in this case he was totally justified in snarkily correctly Mizrahi. There’s nothing worse than having someone get your name wrong, especially when it’s pretty simple to pronounce. Though, Austin really is a star, so maybe we’ll forgive Mizrahi his slip of the tongue.

After a lifetime of correcting people on how to pronounce my last name, I finally gave up when I realized that every single teacher in my highschool had pronounced my last name wrong (including one who had taught my father and uncles back in the dinosaur days) and the situation wasn’t likely to improve. The constant eye rolling, and piping up got to be too much of a hassle, so now I just let them sound like idiots. And they usually don’t enjoy being called out on their deficiencies infront of the class, when they’re just trying to get through roll-call.

But if people mis-spell my first name, then it’s a whole other story. Yes, my name is spelled “oddly” apparently, since it has an extra “i,”  but it can be a real hassle to get it changed on official documents if people spell it wrong. Which almost happened when I was getting my driver’s license and the woman the counter didn’t wait for me to spell my name out. She also didn’t ask me what colour my eyes were (they’re hazel, not brown), so that’s wrong on my driver’s license, but that’s not a sticking point when comparing official documents. Plus, having my name spelled a little differently means that I have another unique quality, that makes me “me.”  Not that I really need any extras, since I’ve been told that I’m far too much to handle :p

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Madison Avenue

Fioni by Payless Shoes "Madison" ankle boots

Calvin Klein got his start in New York City, and has since become an icon of American fashion, so it was only fitting to pay homage to his home city by featuring a pair of shoes named after one of the most iconic New York City streets, Madison Avenue! Whether it's cruising the shops, hailing a cab, or catching the eye of one of New York's toxic bachelors, these ankle boots will stand you in fine form. Say it with me, ladies: I came, I shopped, I conquered!

image from here

image from here
the Lanvin store, image from here

Saturday, 10 March 2012


I don't remember this nail polish being such a pain to use, but this was my third attempt at swatching Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear "Gunmetal" and it was still a bitch to work with. "Hard as nails" they claim? I don't think so. The formula was thin, but sometimes gloopy, and the layers did not want to dry. Which meant that even with a Seche Vite topcoat the polish would smudge. I had to Photoshop the random smudges out of these pictures, I didn't even bother doing my other hand, and I took the polish off my swatching hand after only a few hours. Not impressed Sally Hansen! It is a really pretty shade of silver though, so chances are I will try to wear it again at some point, possibly when I have more patience...

Thursday, 8 March 2012

CK One

film strip border borrowed from here
on me: jeans by Silver, tank top by Suzy Shier
one Aina: jeans by Guess, tank top by Suzy Shier

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Perfect Pair

image borrowed from here

“Perfection must be out there somewhere” is a thought that I’m sure has crossed your mind many times. It’s that little voice inside your head that never really goes away, no matter how hard you search, or how patiently you’ve waited. You know it’s out there, but you just can’t quite seem to find it. Something is always wrong, and your appetite has never quite been satisfied. Some women spend their whole lives looking for it.

You’ve been fooled many times before. Love at first sight can be a bitch, and coming up with excuses is an easy thing to do when you aren’t willing to admit the truth. But eventually your head catches up to your heart, and it’s time to say goodbye. Sure, there were some good times, but they don’t make up for the bad.

But no matter how many times you’ve been broken before you get back out there, and try again. Why? Because you have to. Giving up won’t make life any easier, and there’s still that feeling in your gut that something is missing that keeps you coming back for more. So you keep searching, day after day until you find it.

Searching for the perfect fit, the perfect length, the perfect amount of flexibility, that fills you up with that feeling of immortality and confidence. And then one day you find it.

The perfect pair of jeans. 

image borrowed from here