Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Perfect Pair

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“Perfection must be out there somewhere” is a thought that I’m sure has crossed your mind many times. It’s that little voice inside your head that never really goes away, no matter how hard you search, or how patiently you’ve waited. You know it’s out there, but you just can’t quite seem to find it. Something is always wrong, and your appetite has never quite been satisfied. Some women spend their whole lives looking for it.

You’ve been fooled many times before. Love at first sight can be a bitch, and coming up with excuses is an easy thing to do when you aren’t willing to admit the truth. But eventually your head catches up to your heart, and it’s time to say goodbye. Sure, there were some good times, but they don’t make up for the bad.

But no matter how many times you’ve been broken before you get back out there, and try again. Why? Because you have to. Giving up won’t make life any easier, and there’s still that feeling in your gut that something is missing that keeps you coming back for more. So you keep searching, day after day until you find it.

Searching for the perfect fit, the perfect length, the perfect amount of flexibility, that fills you up with that feeling of immortality and confidence. And then one day you find it.

The perfect pair of jeans. 

image borrowed from here

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