Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Woman's Right to Shoes

Every time I buy another pair of shoes (approximately every 3 weeks based on the number of shoes I acquired last year, divided by the amount of weeks per year) I inevitably have to answer the question “why do you need so many shoes?” My answer is simple, and hasn’t really changed since I started buying shoes en masse in grade 12: because I can. I’ve given up justifying to people my shoe addiction because I don’t feel that I should have to. Yes, I admit it is an addiction – Hi, my name is Riella, and I’m a shoe addict – but I’m totally okay with it. If I’m okay with it, then you should be okay with it. I haven’t given up my shoes yet, even though I had to pay quite a bit of money to ship them across the country when I moved, so don’t ever expect me to give them up! So learn to love it, or leave it alone, because I sure won’t leave my babies!

Shoes: Aldo "Starace" platform heels
Shirt: Pure Design
Bracelet: vintage false-pearl necklace
Computer: Apple MacBook

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