Thursday, 5 April 2012

All Children Except One Grow Up (B is for J.M. Barrie)

Even though I’m technically an adult, and my persona is usually extremely mature, I refuse to completely grow up. At least once a year I pick up J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, because it reminds me of all the amazing things about childhood. Living in hollow trees, running around barefoot, plotting against pirate foes, and thinking happy thoughts so that you can fly. Sure, having an apartment of your own, and being allowed to spend all your money on candy (oh wait I did that when I was a kid too) is great, but being a grownup also comes with bills, jobs, and false apologies. Throughout all these depressing responsibilities it’s occasionally good to go native, and take it back a couple of years to when you were young and (kind of) innocent. Now that it’s summer (mostly) I fully expect to have a few shoeless romps through the forest looking for Tinkerbelle and the Lost Boys, and I’m hoping that you’ll do likewise! Just remember: don’t jump off the roof unless you’re REALLY sure that you can fly. 

Peter Pan & faeries by Hildebrandt
image from Neverpedia
top left: Hildebrandt's Peter Pan cover
image from Spiderweb Art

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  1. Just a comment regarding jumping...

    Me and my brother had to check the Mary Poppins and big umbrella. But we where wise enough to just try it from the top bed in our room with the bed covers on the floor. It anyway made so much noise our parents came in to see what went on :)

    Regards, a visitor from Norway :)