Sunday, 25 January 2015

Delicious: a Sunday Shoe Story

There are some occasions when I take other people’s opinions seriously. When my BFF insisted that I see the first Sex & the City movie, when my dad gives me computer advice, when my ex-boss handed me the entire run of Locke & Key. Actually, that’s about the extent of suggestion that I’m willing to take. Question my taste in literature (Neil Gaiman is a god), movies (Wes Anderson can suck it), date-able men (cheekbones that cut like a knife & a taste for Mercedes-Benzes are a must), or shoes (6” isn’t that high) chances are my response will be “great, more for me.” I might have taken the lesson in agreeing to disagree seriously in kindergarten, but I never really learned to care about social norms. Peer pressure is for chumps, after all!

Delicious platform heels; Flying Monkey jeans

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