Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Odd Couple

The last two months have been such an intense whirlwind of activity - between flying to the Island, searching for jobs, starting to date or whatever again, work stress, birthdays, and random weather I never quite felt like I was able to just stop. My sleep patterns went haywire, my mental state was full of mood-swings, convenience food became the norm, and my reading/tv backlog got totally out of hand. 

But last week I got a chance to completely unplug from the world, when I was asked if I wanted to take care of the furriest, silliest, funniest pair of dogs ever. They’re aptly named after the classic odd pair of roommates Oscar and Felix (there’s a new version out, so everyone should get the reference now) - and boy are they great entertainment. Between the stack of books their parents left out for me (book nerds unite!) and cuddling with the dogs (note to self: don’t wear black) I was fully occupied with living the simple life. 

Getting back home at the beginning of this week felt amazing, since I’m a big fan of my own bed, but looking at all the adorable photos that are filling my phone and remembering all the adorable and silly things that the dogs did will keep me in good spirits for the next little while. It might not be fashionable, but sometimes life is just better living the dog’s life!

Oscar's favourite activity (besides getting pets) is napping
Felix & his favourite toy
"Please can we come inside? It is damp out here!" 
We spent lots of time lounging in the yard and enjoying the sun
We took many many many walks through the park
- and only picked up a handful of ticks!

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  1. Lovely post! Thanks so much for taking care of the Boys. They miss you very much and pester me, asking when we'll be going away again so they can hang out with their girlfriend. :)