Sunday, 2 August 2015

[Don't] do it for the Instagram

For all my love of social media and photography, Instagram was the one site that I avoided from the beginning. Maybe it’s because it started off as a place to share selfies and “foodie” snaps (two things which I generally don’t participate in, in any form). Maybe it’s because of the site’s issues with copyrighted content (what I make is mine and not up for grabs). Or maybe I’m just not into updating everyone on every second of my life. 

Some people would simply say that I have a “boring” life - spent entirely with my books or at work - but in reality, the hobbies that I have often aren’t translatable to the photographic medium without looking like a total poseur. In fact, the only photo that I’ve taken this month was of 3 little pelicans, all in a row while I was taking a walk, since it was just too reminiscent of a storybook rhyme not to capture evidence. (I also spotted the pair of neighbourhood muskrats, but they were too far away and swam away). 

So what else have I been doing for the last month, while conspicuously not blogging? Besides melting in the heat (blah), I’ve actually been doing quite a lot…

Moonlighting as a mail room clerk at the Ministry of Social Services before absconding for a permanent job at the Saskatchewan Archives. Sorry kids, I have loyalty, but selectively. 

Baking a ridiculous chocolate chip-pecan-caramel banana loaf as a substitute birthday cake. It was so delicious that it was devoured immediately. 

Ending a non-relationship before it got any more frustrating. 

Going through a continental Europe phase a lá Deutschland 83 and Edward Rutherfurd’s Paris. Methinks it is time to finally learn German, and start seriously planning some trips.

Feeling briefly depressed and utterly alone in the world for no abject reason. 

Scooping $60 worth of comic singles at my favourite local second hand bookshop. Shhh don’t tell my mother.

… And as always: plotting to take over the world!

I’m sure Instagram pros could figure out how to capture all of that in photographs, but really, I’m too busy enjoying my life to stop and take photos of it.

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