Friday, 1 October 2010

Welcome to the beginning of the end... Just kidding :)

Anyways, this is the inaugural edition of my blog, entitled “I’m not sorry, because I’m fabulous.” Here’s the breakdown: 50% fashion and fabulousness, 50% cold hard bitch, 100% me. So sit down, shut up, and come along for what should be an interesting journey into my consciousness (or lack thereof on some occasions)!

This first post is dedicated to the always entertaining, and occasionally strange (oh who am I kidding, she’s always strange too) Melissa. It is she who gets all the credit for coming up with the title of this blog in a moment of brilliance, so she gets all the props! Mel’s genius with words is only topped in my eyes by her renditions of Jet’s song “Cold Hard Bitch” when our group deigns to grace the local karaoke bar with our presence. Of course, she always dedicates this song to me, since I am by definition a cold, hard bitch. The first time Mel got up on stage to sing along with Jet some of the guys who came with us were surprised that I wasn’t offended by the dedication, but obviously they had not been introduced to my real personality. Apparently they had not noticed me blatantly ignoring their previous attempts at conversation. Silly boys. But regardless of the boys being confused, Mel continues to sing “Cold Hard Bitch” for me everytime she does karaoke, so for that she will always be my favourite Melissa <3

As a last little present before I sign off for the night, here’s a way for all of you to do Jet karaoke just like Melissa! 


  1. Needs more details on ne'er-do-well boy soul crushing, to the point of tears.


  2. oh trust me, next time i drive a boy to tears there shall be copious amounts of blog-age :)

  3. I can personally vouch for the authenticity of this post. Riella is a cold hard Bitch, in a good way. This blog will definitely be fabulous, no apologies :)

  4. This would be 100% Jaimie, not from concentrate <3

    - Vanessa