Tuesday, 5 October 2010

What do you want from me?

Their gazes meet, and she inwardly cringes with trepedation at this avoided, but inevitable, meeting. She quickly breaks his gaze, half-turning away and busying her hands in an effort to avoid conversation.

Yet he persists with a casual, “Hey.”

She is forced to respond in kind, but unlike him her tone is anything but warm.

Her icy body language is not lost on him, but he continues with a question: “Having a bad day?”

“More like having a bad life,” she counters, her expression tightening with frusteration even as she turns to face him.

He opens his arms with a familiar grin, “Aww, need a hug?” expecting the reaction from her that his affections had illicited in the past.

She stares at him in shock; “Don’t you dare go there. Not with me.”

Before he can respond to her point blank refusal she turns and walks away, not having a destination other than “away from him.”

Do you actually think you can walk back into my life, and pretend like nothing happenned to break our friendship? You’ve lost my trust, and you were informed of this fact, so why would you assume that I would just give it back  if you waited it out. FYI it’s been a week, and even then time doesn’t heal everything. My trust is something I give people who I want to be connected with (friendship or otherwise), but once you’ve lost it, it’s almost impossible to get back. So you better start jumping through some goddamn hoops of fire to prove yourself, or don’t assume that I’ll ever let you be a part of my life again.

I may say I’m dead inside, but when you stab me in the back I still bleed. 



    He's so stupid if he actually thinks he can just waltz back in like that. You deserve so much better.

    And fuck hoops of fire. For him to get back into your life, he's gotta have a ninja knife/baseball bat battle with me. My midget anger will win.


  2. he may have over a foot on you, but you will kick his pansy ass!

  3. AND I'll do it whilst wearing women's jeans. Because I'm just a goddamn badass like that.