Saturday, 28 January 2012

Luxurious Monogram

If I had real manicure skillz I totally would have replicated the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram print on my nails for this week's post. But my skillz are lacking, and I don’t do brown nails. Brown is gross and for boring people. So instead I went the opposite of boring and went super glittery, because Louis Vuitton screams luxury and wealth, and so do glitter-packed polishes. Enter OPI “Warm & Fozzie” from the Muppets 2011 collection, one of the most ridiculously sparkly polishes I own. It’s packed with bronze, gold, and red microglitter and has a bronze-tinted base that builds up wonderfully in four coats to create some diva-worthy nails. Sparkle on!

in half sunlight

you can see how super glittery it is
when it catches the light!
(very distracting btw)

in full sunlight

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