Saturday, 14 January 2012

Gris City

I’ve always identified the colour grey with Christian Dior. Not because Paris is often full of rain in the movies, but because grey is one of those über-classy colours that personifies what Dior stands for. Lady-like elegance, chic modernity, the New Look, class, and just a touch of edge.

Christian Dior said it himself that “the colours of grey, pale turquoise, and pink will prevail.” A truer statement couldn’t have been said considering the upcoming spring 2012 trends. I’m not sure about the pale turquoise and pink being everlasting colours (they change tones every season), but grey is here to stay.

Being the colour-purist that I am, finding the perfect shade of grey polish was a challenge. I looked at pages of swatches, but there are surprisingly few proper greys. Most of them have hints of blue, or green, or brown (the worst) in them, or they’re metallics. But I finally found the perfect grey in the least-likely of places: I present to you “Fog”  by Joe Fresh! Yes, that’s right, the Superstore-sponsored brand has the best grey, and at less than $4 (usually they’re 3/$10) this polish is a steal! That Joe has a real eye for colour, since they’ve produced some beautiful polishes in shades that are to die for (I’ve featured their polishes “Peacock” and “Iris” already). 

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