Friday, 25 November 2011

Fabulous Feathers

When I saw this polish from Joe Fresh (Peacock), I was in love. It’s the most ridiculously rich sparkly teal and it was only $3. Hell yes. It’s a gorgeous shade on the nail, but it needs a topcoat since the formula isn’t very strong and tends to show flaws terribly. I avoid wearing topcoat as much as possible, but I love the shade of this polish so much that I will make the sacrifice so I can wear it for more than a few hours. Photographing it was kind of a bitch, since the shimmer is super fine, and my camera doesn’t like picking it up very well. Plus it was super shady the day that I was wearing it, which just makes me sad. Thankfully I managed to swing a few decent pictures (seriously I had about 100 to go through to get these few to share). 

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