Wednesday, 23 November 2011


During my adventures as a galoshmazining princess of Saerintopia over the years it has become clear to me that there are certain staples to any adventurer’s wardrobes. Hold on a second, you all don’t know what galoshmazoning is. It’s a word that my BFF Li and I came up with when we were out at the lake one year and were hiking through the bracken whilst exploring. It can be defined thus:

galoshmazon, to: (verb) to explore the wilderness whilst wearing galoshes, in the manner of Amazon warriors. Alluding to glamour, this verb can still be applied to men, but is generally applied to exploratory women. (Definition courtesy of the Dictionary of Saerontopia).

Enough about galoshmazoning, we’re here to discuss fashion! I was planning on doing a photo shoot for this week, but the other half of the creative ideal is across the country from me, and Saerin (aka Liz) cannot be replaced by anyone. So instead you get my advice on what an exploring princess should have in her wardrobe!

Tall boots: These are the most integral part of a warrior princess outfit, It doesn’t matter whether they’re brown or black or neon pink, just that they’re epic, and you feel like a badass when you wear them. Bravado and confidence are 75% of the warrior princess attitude, and the boots should be able to pump you up and make you feel like you can take on the world. BTW ankle boots won’t do. They gotta be tall boots or they just won’t give the right impression. My warrior princess boots are knee-high silver metallic snakeskin heels, and I always feel like the most awesome person ever when I wear them. You’ll get to see them on Sunday, don’t worry.

A good pair of jeans: Normally you would assume that warrior princesses would wear short shorts when exploring, but jeans are much more practical. On the most basic level, they protect your legs from getting all scratched up while exploring. Even more importantly: everyone looks good in jeans. I personally go for a darkwash denim since it never goes out of style, and with a high percentage of spandex for increased mobility.

Leather jacket: They’re badass. Do you really need any more reason why you need one?

Cheap tanktops: To contrast the item that I’m putting on the list next, I decided to include this basic wardrobe staple. When they get too dirty for detergent to remedy you can just throw them out instead of being upset about stains. And trust me, adventuring princesses get their hands dirty, and shirts are the first place that dirt accumulates when adventuring.

A fancy dress: It doesn’t have to be a ballgown, but every princess needs something sparkly to wear when she feels like being a girly girl. I have lots of them, and I absolutely love the OMG reaction I get from people when I dress up like a girly girl. If all you ever wear is a leather jacket and jeans, then people are going to eventually become used to it; just switch into a fancy dress and watch their jaws drop! You can always wear your badass boots or jacket for an even bigger contrast.

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