Friday, 18 November 2011

Fallen Leaves

Autumn is almost at a close here in Halifax. Looking out the window at the beginning of last week the trees were a beautiful crisp yellowy green; a day later the green had been replaced by grey, and the trees no longer looked cheerful. Winter is almost here, but I’m not ready to give up Autumn yet. I’ll happily drink my red cupped Starbucks peppermint white chocolate mocha, but I want another few weeks of leaf crunching before the storms of Winter trap me in my apartment.

At first glance this polish looks like a summer shade since it has a hint of yellow in the orange, but on the nail it’s definitely more of an Autumn colour. It reminds me of fallen leaves, end of summer campfires, cinnamon-laced apple cider, the new colours from Burberry, and running through orchards at sunset. 

OPI "Smok'n in Havana"

just a hint of microglitter

you can see the hint of yellow hiding in the bottle. unfortunately the yellow doesn't show up on the nail

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