Monday, 14 November 2011

Cribs: Riella Edition (Pic heavy!)

Okay mother, will you stop bothering me about posting pictures of my new East Coast apartment now? It’s small but I rather like it. Hopefully I’ll keep liking it, since we’re apparently in for a really gross winter and I don’t like going out in the snow anyways since it messes up my hair…

First up on our tour is the bathroom. It’s teeny tiny, and has minimal storage space, but I love how deep the tub is, and the shelves in the shower are awesome. Note to self: buy more towels.

Moving right along… we’re in the kitchen/office/living room. My favourite parts of this space are my Ikea couch (the one that took over a month to arrive…) since I spend most of my time at home here, and my picture wall, since it’s full of my favourite memories and people. If you enlarge the picture you can kind of see what the pictures are of. The 3-set picture is of my puppy TJ. He’s my favourite <3 You’ll notice that there’s not a lot of colour in this area, but I designed it that way. Everything has to be black, white, grey, or glittery. I call it “glamorous minimalism.”

Clockwise from top: me&Liz, Chelsea, Aina, baby me,
Aina&me hands, me, squished crab, Aubrey Beardsley art,
poker game @ the beach, shoreline in Victoria.
TJ and quote from Peter Pan in the centre. 

A little detour next to show you my shoe storage solution. I have my boots and some sneakers in my big closet, but this is the majority of them. That cupboard is totally supposed to be for food, but obviously my priority is shoes :p

Last stop is my bedroom. This is where everything colourful goes, since the theme is “Andy Warhol pop art.” It’s pretty much a whole lot of random because I have everything from posters of the Beatles (Yellow Submarine and Sgt Pepper), to Absolut bottles, to sock monkey (who’s name is Henry btw). I’m really loving that I have a proper vanity table, since I can store all my nail polish and make-up on it, and I get a giant mirror!

I have a balcony too, but it’s November, so I obviously am not going to bother getting any patio furniture til next year.

We’re done now so it’s time for you to go! Later bitches <3

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