Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Versace Invades H&M

Normally I find Versace’s creations to be a little bit much, but I was still rather excited when H&M announced that they had a collection coming out in collaboration with the designer brand. I like H&M, but their clothes are always a little bit too demure for my style (I like my brights and I like my glitters), so I was counting on Versace’s influence to bring some colour to the store. When I saw the lookbook online I got even more excited, because the collection was full of all of my favourite things: coloured animal prints, studded leather, glamorous bling, and super bright colours!

I’ll have to wait a few more days until I can actually see the clothes in real life (the release date isn’t until the 19th), but I’m definitely planning on picking up some of the pieces. Not only are they gorgeous pieces, and utterly fabulous, they won’t break my very limited budget!

Here’s a few of my favourite pieces from the collection; for the whole collection click this link or check out the Versace or H&M websites (linked above)!

perfect dress for new years
rawr! this isn't for tame kittens!

just a hint of bling bling

I've always wanted a super furry vest

studded leather dress? heck yes!

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