Monday, 7 November 2011

The Little Grey Story

So it's Neil Gaiman's birthday this week, and to celebrate his birthday (and general awesomeness!) my blogposts this week will be all about Neil! YAY! Today you all get to read a bit of a story I wrote while bored one day in class. I feel like it was Neil-inspired, and a little on the strange side, so I felt it would be fitting to post it. I have more of it written (about 2 pages worth), but I'm just not sure where it's going,  so you only get a little bit of the beginning. Hopefully I'll have figured out an ending by the weekend, and I will be confident enough in it to share.

The Little Grey Story

Once upon a time, a little girl wanted to play outside on a rainy grey day. But, her mother and her father told her to stay at home, or she would get pneumonia. Her first challenge had arrisen. To obey her parents, or to choose her own path.

Hmm,” thought the little girl (whose name was Sloane by the way) thought, “This story is already getting to be too predictable. I don’t want to  live my life in  a pre-formatted storyline with morals and themes and stuff.

And so she stepped out of the pages of her own story, and put the life neatly back on its Shelf.  It fit right alongside the other discarded lives. 

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