Saturday, 12 November 2011

Nightboots: a Sunday Shoe Story

On a dark street walked two girls, each more different than the other.

Aldo Springston boots

One was small and dark and quiet. 
Covered in leather and lace she reveled in the surrounding darkness and felt no fear. 
Each sound in the night delighted her with mystery and magic, and she longed to disappear into the shadows.

The other was tall and bright and exuberant. 
A riot of colours swirled through the darkness as she twirled between pools of light and skirted the encroaching darkness. 
Head raised to the sky she reached towards the stars, wishing to hold the essence of light in her palms.

The companions journeyed through the night side by side, never thinking of their differences, focusing only on their completion of eachother.

Darkness and light together – contrast brought by the extremes of the other – without the other, each is meaningless. 

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