Saturday, 11 June 2011

Pretty Purple Polish

Since this week’s theme of accessories didn’t give me a clear indication of a polish that fit the theme I just chose one arbitrarily that didn’t really fit into any category: “Iris” by Joe Fresh (from the Spring 2 Collection). Obviously the name of the polish could have let me put this polish into a flower themed week, but ick, what a terrible clichéd theme… So I’m throwing Iris in this week, just because I like it! Plus I was kind of dying to wear this polish, since it’s such a cute shade of purple!

I’m totally in love with the fact that this is definitely a purple, but it’s a periwinkle purple! I adore periwinkle blue (and any other light, but super rich colour), and this shade of periwinkle purple is awesome. It matched the bottle’s colour pretty much exactly, but totally changed colours in different light (as you can see from the photos below). It looked really dark in some lights, but was super light in others, which was a pain while trying to photograph it, but was a dream while wearing.

Unfortunately I didn’t have much of a chance to wear this polish… I swatched it, photographed it, then topcoated it, but when I woke up in the morning (I swatched in the evening, which is weird for me) it had already started to chip… Seriously WTF! All I did was read my book, and go to sleep, so why the heck am I already experiencing tip-wear, even WITH a topcoat??? The weirdest thing was that it chipped normally on some nails, but on a few it peeled off in big chunks (like it was one of those plasticy peel-off polishes from the late 1990s)… I’ve never seen a normal polish react this way, and I wasn’t expecting it to be destroyed this early since I put a topcoat on it! Arghhhhhhh (to say the least). At least the colour is gorgeous. Hopefully the other two Joe polishes I bought won’t react the same way, since they’re equally gorgeous shades!

in sunlight 

it looks super dark sometimes

under "natural" fluorescent

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