Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Silence! Silence? Silence...

This week for my Wishlist Wednesday item we’re going to change it up a little bit. I’m going to talk about an accessory I want in a little bit, but we have more important things to discuss. What I really want this week is for some feedback from my readers. I KNOW you’re all reading, since I’m getting plenty of page views (yay for having a stats panel), so why the heck are you all so silent? In real life (for those of you that I know), you’re a pretty mouthy bunch with plenty of opinions to share, yet for some reason on the interwebs you’re all about the silence. What gives? Are you all not liking the stuff I’m posting about? I’m not abject to some constructive criticism you know! And I totally respect other opinions, so you shouldn’t be afraid to voice them (props to Leah for saying how much she hates yellow nail polish; there will be a sparkly one for you SOON my darling!). Seriously just SAY SOMETHING. Everything I post is meant to be a conversation starter, especially the Tuesday rants (controversy yay), so you should all be talking more! I also wouldn’t mind some ideas for theme weeks. No idea if you have all noticed, but every week since I started doing 6 posts a week has been themed. I have lots of ideas that I’m working on for future weeks, but I can always use more inspiration! So, throw you’re ideas out there, and maybe I will use them. I might even ask you to be in a photoshoot! That about sums it up; I want some opinions from the peanut gallery! Yeah, that’s right, I just referred to you lot out there as the peanut gallery (though a fabulous lot you are as well).

For the actual wishlist item I want to acquire the sister to my Mad Hatter mini-hat headband that I bought from Value Village at Halloween. I could have gotten the Alice hat as well, but I couldn’t justify spending almost $20 on two costume hats when I was pretty close to broke. The Alice hat is adorable, and I’ve always loved it, but the Mad Hatter mini-hat is still my favourite J Thankfully, the internet is awesome in having random awesome stuff available way after it's been released, and you can actually still get the Alice hat from Buy Alice in Wonderland Costumes for a reasonable price!

photo from here


  1. First thing in the morning I don't see Alice, I see a cigarette girl costume from the early days of theatres and Vegas. Which in itself would be an epic costume though since you are completely set against smoking if you did it I would suggest filling the box with chocolate and candy, then selling said treats to pay for the costume itself.

  2. I also saw cigarette or saloon girl. maybe its just my crusty eyelids gettin' in the way. Also, I'm pretty sure Alice never wore a hat :P (I used an emoticon! Clearly the world is ending)

  3. alice totally never wore a hat, i just like the design and the fact that it'll match my mad hatter version :p must complete the collection >.>