Friday, 24 June 2011

Of Eyes Bewitched

One of the key motifs of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is sight; specifically how people view the world, and how their perspective can be changed by the influence of others. How we see the world is no different, and many illusions affect our sight. Like Puck in MSND, I decided to experiment with something to make my eyes glitter.

Thanks to Elizabeth, who gave me the first of these fabulous effect powders from Gosh for my birthday! Gold isn’t a colour that I usually choose in make-up (since I don’t wear gold jewelry), but “Paradise” is so subtle that it’s perfect. It’s more of a subtle shimmer than an actual gold, since it goes on quite light. In the bottle it doesn’t actually look gold, until you hold it beside the actual silver, and the effect is quite similar; it picks up the gold in makeup, or stays relatively neutral. I combined it with some blue glitter liquid eyeliner from Ardene’s for a neutral tone sparkle, and with Maybelline Expert Eyes trio in Tasseled Taupes (which they apparently don't make anymore...) for a more gold shimmer (both below).

I decided to get a few more of the Gosh powers in colours of my own choice, so I picked up “Steel” and “Aquatic.” Obviously I couldn’t resist a sparkly silver, and I’m rather fond of turquoise. “Steel” didn’t apply quite as dark as I usually like my silver eye makeup (the eyeliner you’re seeing isn’t “Steel,” it’s a liquid application of Electra eye shadow from Mac). But I do like the shade of light silver, and the subtle effect.

Just to see what would happen if I did a liquid application of the Gosh effect powder, I used some q-tips dipped in water to put on “Aquatic,” and then worked the colour in with a brush. I tried doing a dry brush application of it first, but I wasn’t impressed with how light it went on. Subtle eye makeup is soooo not my style obviously. It was a bit tricky to work with, but that was kind of my own fault for attempting a dry application then doing a wet application of powder. But it turned out pretty well considering I think, and I got quite a few compliments on it! 

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