Saturday, 18 June 2011

Once Upon a Teenage Dream

The plan for princess week’s polish was to find a glittery blue that was the exact shade of Cinderella’s dress. I saw a polish that matched these guidelines once, and passed on buying it, and then never saw it again, so that plan had to be abandoned. Instead I present you with the glittery-est, sparkliest, most ridiculously princessy polish from my collection: OPI “Teenage Dream” from the Katy Perry Collection. Thanks Aina for getting me this polish for my birthday, since I probably never would have picked it out for myself, and I actually rather love it. It’s just SO SPARKLY! The overabundance of sparkles kept distracting me when I was wearing this as a manicure, and suffice to say I didn’t get much done that week :p

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