Thursday, 16 June 2011

If the Tiara Fits

Since it’s grad season (the Canadian version of prom), as well as Disney Princess theme week, what better fashion trend to feature than pretty party dresses fit for princesses?

It’s been five years since I graduated high school (oh GOD I’m old…), and five years since I got all dolled up for the spectacle that is the “Grand March” and our grad dinner and dance. Oddly enough, the dress that I chose to wear for grad is one that I still love today, and that I do wear on occasion. It’s a pretty simple dress: A-line skirt, strapless, and just a little bit of crinoline under the skirt. What makes it so special is the colour. Emerald green is not a normal colour for a prom dress, and this dress isn’t actually a prom dress. I actually bought it over a year before my grad during a clearout sale of Christmas party dresses. But I was determined to get a jewel-tone dress, not a green that’s lime, celery, or heather coloured!

Aina’s grad dress would have been perfect for this photoshoot, but she isn’t feeling the love towards it. In fact, the outfit that she chose to wear instead is almost exactly opposite what she wore for grad. The original was cream, the new one is black; the original was highly detailed (full body ruching), the new is a simple sheath; the original didn’t need much jewelry, the new is all about the bling. But I have to say I rather like the focus on jewelry, since it’s an easy way to be super fancy without spending a fortune on a dress.

I’m not even going to mention what Liz’s original grad dress looked like, and I’m definitely not showing you any photos. Suffice to say that Liz does not approve of it anymore, and I agree. Plus she would probably have my head if I posted any pictures of it. Instead you all get to see the dress that I cajoled her into buying a few years back, just for fun. Not only is the gorgeous amethyst colour better suited to Liz’s skin tone, but the flounces are super cute without being overwhelmingly girly. Don’t forget that historically purple was the colour of royalty!

BTW sorry that this post is so late! It's been a super crazy busy week at work, and I just haven't been in the mood to deal with photoediting and putting stuff together. I could have done it this morning I guess, but I wanted to go shopping :p But it's up now, and it's fabulous, so forgive me <3

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