Saturday, 4 June 2011

Like a Rose

For a polish that I only paid $1.50 for about a million years ago (ie in high school), New York Color’s “American Beauty” is still one of my favourite polishes. I was originally drawn to it because it’s red, and I like my brights, but it’s definitely more than just a simple red. The polish actually has a slight purpley pink undertone that I just adore. The finish is also ridiculously glossy, even without a topcoat, so it’s hard not to notice this fabulous colour. It’s a really easy polish to work with, since one coat of polish is plenty, and the brush is as close to perfect as I’ve ever seen (it’s a bit rounded at the tip, and isn’t too narrow or wide). But my favourite part of this polish is the bottle; it’s squared, which you don’t see much of in store-brand polishes (unless they’re weird flat square, ick). These days NYC is back to round bottles, but their colour selection is still full of super bright colours that follow American Beauty’s example. 

I love how rich this colour is :)

just look at all that shine!

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