Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Playing Princess

Love isn’t something that you can search for; it finds you along the way while your life is happening around you. We can make choices that bring us closer to, or further away from, our Prince Charming (to party, or not to party, that is the question), but when it comes down to it everything is up to pure chance.

It’s no secret that Eric from The Little Mermaid is my favourite Disney prince (that luscious dark hair, those sparkling blue eyes, the giant dog companion, and he has a ship to top it all off). But he’s not the real reason why The Little Mermaid is my favourite princess movie; I’m much more impressed by the lengths that Ariel goes to get her prince. She doesn’t stand idly by (like many of the other Disney princesses), she makes a deal (albeit a dangerous one) so that she has a chance to meet Eric and win his heart. Even when everything is turned against her and the sea-witch is about to marry Ariel’s love she doesn’t sit and cry for long; she swims against the current (literally) and refuses to give up on what she wants.

What I’m adding to this my Wishlist isn’t a simply a prince of my very own. What I wish for is the courage to chase my own dreams and fight for what I want. I want Ariel’s bravery to venture into the unknown, and her courage to change her life entirely just for a chance at happiness. It is these risks that define us, and these chances that have the potential to give us everything we’ve hoped and dreamed for. What’s life without a little bit of danger? How can we expect to win it all if we’re not willing to put everything on the line? So what if we could fall and lose everything. It’s the fear of defeat that makes the risk worthwhile, and the taste of victory so sweet. 
art by moonchildinthesky via Deviantart
(her other art is so cute, so check it out!)

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