Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Queen's Players

As much as I love any film based on Shakespeare, I must admit that Shakespeare in Love is my favourite. It may not be a “serious” film, but it has so many redeeming points that I can’t help  but love it. It incorporates quite a bit of Shakespeare’s plays into the film (there are off-quotes from many of his plays), and the star-studded cast delivers a witty and clever performance. Ben Affleck as the actor Ned Alleyn, and Rupert Everett as Christopher Marlowe are my favourites, even though they don’t play large roles. Of course Dame Judi Dench makes a brilliant Queen Elizabeth; I don’t think anyone else has quite the same pithy “Englishness” as she does that makes the part so perfect.

One of the best parts of the film though, is one which is often over-looked by the audience, but is one that I can’t help but notice in this film. The costumes! It’s no surprise why Sandy Powell won the Oscar for Best Costume Design for her work on the film. I’m no expert on historical costuming, but the outfits do seem relatively accurate. I’m going to assume that there was a bit of exaggeration done with the materials (a poor acting company most likely wouldn’t have been able to afford such gorgeous costumes without huge amounts of money from their sponsor), but the cuts of the garments is reminiscent of what I’ve seen of accurate Renaissance clothing.

It was surprisingly difficult to find decent pictures of the costumes on the internet (the film isn’t new), but I found a few that I feel show some of the clever costuming, and I’ve included the trailer (ugh it’s so campy) since it has some decent shots from the film. Don’t be deterred with how clichéd the trailer is, go and watch the movie. It is brilliant, and you won’t be disappointed!

He's such a brooder :p Loving the loose-fit shirt though!
Photo from here.

How gorgeous is this jacket? Definitely my favourite piece from the entire film.
Photo from here.

Brocaide ballgowns are impractical, but gorgeously sumptuous.
Possibly another trend to go along with fall's velvet trend?
Interesting cut on the leather jacket;
definitely a throwback to Renaissance styling, but modernized with leather material!
Photo from here.

Queen Elizabeth was a trend-setter for sure! History's Lady Gaga? Maybe!
Photo from here

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