Wednesday, 29 June 2011

When it Rains, it Pours

Obviously Canada is known as being a rather snowy country, which can be a major problem for shoes, since snow tends to ruin well… pretty much everything. But honestly I’ve had more problems with rain here, since I tend to avoid living in places with lots of snow, and I refuse to wear my snowboots anyways (SO UNATTRACTIVE). Instead of snowboots, I tend to be constantly on the hunt for cute pairs of galoshes. There are tonnes by Hunter that I would love to have, and I would sell the remnants of my soul for a pair of Burberry wellingtons, but the pair I can actually afford to get (but can’t get my hands on) is by Jeffrey Campbell. The “Voom” rainboots are back in stock at Solestruck, just in time for Fall shopping season, so I might just have to order myself a pair!

photo from Solestruck

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