Thursday, 9 June 2011

Millinery Fascination

Just because I said the other week that I wanted a captain’s hat, and I said this week that I want an Alice mini-hat doesn’t mean that I’m someone who wears hats. I may have a Mad Hatter mini-hat, but I have no actual hats. Not even the eponymously Canadian toque. I’ve stuck by the excuse that “they mess up my hair” to avoid the issue ever since I was a child, and even when skiing with the family (an activity I didn’t do by choice, but was forced to participate in) I refused to wear a hat.

But I like how some hats look (if not on me), and one of my friends happens to be a burgeoning hat collecter, I figured why shouldn’t I do a post on them? My friend, a charmingly witty lass, is actually the younger sister of last week’s retro-fabulous model, and I’ve known her since she was a screaming baby. Apparently fashion does run in families, just in completely different areas!
fancy sun hats are fabulous AND handy during the summer

whyever would you get a plain fedora?
bright turquoise is so much more fun!

very ladys-who-lunch!

this demure-looking little hat is actually quite fabulous;
it's made up of layers and layers and layers of material!

peacock feathers are my favourite addition to any outfit,
and give this jaunty little hat that "extra somthing!"

fascinated by her fascinator :)

loving how retro this 1920s-style hat is!

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