Thursday, 30 June 2011

Winterwear in June (Haul Post!)

Since it’s the middle of the summer, it’s only logical that the clothes that I’m buying are most suited to winter… Seriously I don’t know what’s up with my shopping karma right now, but it keeps finding me winter jackets (seriously 3 in one day!) and a slew of long sleeved shirts at the Value Village half price sale. Even though technically thrift store shopping should totally qualify under budget shopping (fuck that budget noise…) I’m pretty sure that the volume at which I’m buying things negates the cheap price :p

gorgeous brocaide-style coat from Joe Fresh 
Mexx wool trench!

Me Jane jacket (apparently a Japanese brand that isn't available in North America!)

so many long sleeve shirts!

I had to get this, just for laughs :p
by House of Mental

yes, I'm addicted to stripes and grey
by g21
by Pure Design

more grey :)
by Dotti

wool skirt by Dynamite

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