Thursday, 2 June 2011

Ancient History

For the fashion post for retro week I thought it would be fitting to feature some awesome retro clothes from the wardrobe of my longest known BFF. She and I have known each other since before I was born (she’s a year older, and apparently used to talk to my embryo form in my mum’s tummy), so we definitely have a lot of history together. So welcome to a brief, but fabulous, glimpse into her closet, and I hope you enjoy!

this dress really is retro:
it used to belong to her grandmother! 

ladies always wear pearls :)

crafty and cute!

periwinkle is such a fabulous colour

mixed accessories create texture and interest to any outfit

looking into the past or the future?

I love the fabric roses detail
around the neckline of this dress!

galoshes are always awesome
(I made her buy those a long time ago btw)

a messy up-do doesn't detract from the glitter in this dress

rhinestone jewelry adds more fab to this outfit
who doesn't like a poufy little skirt!

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