Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Little Gucci Dress

Boy, has the little Gucci dress grown up. In fact, it's not so little anymore!

The little Gucci dress of the Posh Spice era was known for its provocative hemlines, monochromatic colour, and borderline trashy persona. Yet, with the departure of Tom Ford the brand has gone in almost exactly the opposite direction and still retained its fan following. Floor-brushing length, splashes (or slashes) of colour and print, and a decidedly grown up chic has proved that the house has grown out of its sexy teen years and metamorphosed into its sexy adult age. Maybe the designers were just following the transition of their biggest fan from a globe trotting Spice Girl to hot mum Victoria Beckham, but really what else are they going to do? Fashion Houses that don't change are like Spice Girls who don't change; they don't marry David Beckham. And we all want a little Beckham in our lives don't we ;)

Images from Tumblr. 

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