Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Name Game

I’ve been watching a lot of TLC’s What Not to Wear lately, and as much as I love the show I was not impressed when they called a girl out on being really into Louis Vuitton purses and name brand clothes. While they made some valid points -  brand isn’t everything, carrying a monogramed purse doesn’t mean you’re “cool,” 80% of your wardrobe budget shouldn’t be on spent on shoes to counteract cheap clothes – I totally think a woman has the right to wear name brands if she wants to!

Of course, a head to toe monogrammed look isn’t right for everyone anyone, but a carefully placed logo shouldn’t be damned just because it’s a name brand! God knows, I have my fair share of monogrammed LV’s, but I try to make sure to wear them with outfits that work. For example, I have one that looks like a portfolio which is perfect for the office, but the mini backpack LV is strictly for shopping or walking around town during the day.

It also seems to have become the case that girl – and I do mean everyone – has at least one designer purse in her collection. And subsequently she totes it everywhere. I can’t even count the number of teenage girls who haul around the classic square Chanel tote, or the oversized LV carry-all, or the brown Gucci monogram, or any number of Coach or Guess bags (if you count Coach and Guess as a designer brands).

Seeing these staples day in and day out has made me realize that while 5 years ago (when I started collecting vintage designer bags) I was one of the few to blaze a mongrammed trail in a small town, I’m now one of the crowd. Which obviously I can’t stand being. So I have therefore switched almost universally to purses with a more subtle stamp; purses like my vintage crossbody Dooney & Bourke satchel or my Christian Dior saddle bag. I’m sure that plenty of people have these exact same purses, but thus far I have yet to see them, so my plan is working!

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