Sunday, 15 December 2013

Of Ages Past: a Sunday Shoe Story

Considering the forward trajectory that my life took this year (what else do you call 3 provinces, 6 jobs, and 4 moves) I did a surprising amount of nostalgic thinking and backwards glancing. For some reason my brain wanted to dwell on the positive moments from my past and centred on everything from the epic parties that I used to throw in my Cook Street digs to the trio of amazing guys who were my Wendy’s boyfriends. There were definitely bad times that mirrored the good, but without the whole messy picture my life wouldn’t be what it is today.

Because that’s what life is: a mess. A glorious mess. And we wouldn’t be able to become the (mostly) functional adults that we are today without slogging through the mud to get there. Or in this case the Regina snow. (Haha, it’s not actually funny).

Along with the retroflection (I’m pretty sure that’s a word – whatever, it is now) I spent a good chunk of my summer revisiting the gloriousness of The Confessions of Georgia Nicholson (also known as Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging). When I was a teenager I read the entire series, and then I read it again when I was about 22, and then I read it again this summer. And then I watched the film and listened to the soundtrack. Over and over and over again.

Something about Georgia’s mess of a teenage life always strikes a chord with me, even though my high school experience was very very different. Well, lots of it was the same, but I had very little to do with boys in high school (and for good reason because a lot of them were so beyond the valley of pants), so maybe that’s why her story has always been one that I liked; it was the missing part of my adolescent experience, and largely still is a missing part of my life. Georgia always has such ridiculous experiences with the opposite sex, but when it comes down to it she knows that they are alien species who are pretty much incomprehensible.

Such is even more true in the real world, yet we all still put up with guys, even if it’s only to have crushes from afar. Because after all, boys may be strange, but they are infinitely entertaining.

shoes by Poetic Licence London, jeans by Makers, Pink Floyd in Australia shirt

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