Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Year of Gaiman: a Sunday Shoe Story

The return of the Sandman comic, 25 years after its inaugural issue, and a relatively well substantiated rumour that the first story arc will be made into a film.  
A new novel is published, the Ocean at the End of the Lane, which debuts at #1 on the NYT books list.
A new children’s book, adorable sneezing panda included.
Two different illustrated versions of Fortunately, the Milk.
Six fantastic episodes of the Neverwhere radio play aired on the BBC.
A last world signing tour (which I am still pouting about missing).
New York Public Library reading of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, in full costume.
A road named after the Ocean at the End of the Lane (I’m wondering when the bronze statue replica  - uncooperative hair and all – will be cast).
Keynote speech at Digital Minds conference.
 The 10 year anniversary of Coraline’s publication.
 Gaiman returns to writing for Dr. Who with Nightmare in Silver.
 A Calendar of Tales becomes a digital book.

Clearly it's the Year of Neil Gaiman!

(I'm reading Hanging with the Dream King, which collects interviews speaking about collaborating with Gaiman. Wearing jeans and tank top by Seductions, shoes by Le Chateau.)

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