Sunday, 12 April 2015

Pumped up Kicks: a Sunday Shoe Story

It’s a good thing I don’t have high expectations for birthdays in the first place, since all I got was a nice week-long head cold that just won’t seem to fully go away… Though I will admit that I kind of deserve it for staying up til 2am the night before my birthday (super worth it because boys - need I say more), then late again the day of my birthday (also worth it because puppies & ice cream pizza & Cthulu-vanquishing), and couldn’t manage to sleep in at all or talk myself into staying home from work. It just goes to show that I really am the octogenarian that I oft-quip I am and don’t deal well with my sleep schedule being interrupted. 

That being said, my early-bird hours make it that much easier to get up and be functional at work, makes sure that I’m on time for all the early book sales, and I can galavant around my neighbourhood taking photos of my shoes without too many weird stares from passers by. Yeah, I’m that weird girl; deal with it! I was actually quite surprised that there was a set of kids out on the playground that I had scoped out for my photoshoot this morning - like really, who takes their kids to the playground at 9am on a Sunday? I guess we all have a touch of Spring-fever at the moment since the temps have sky-rocketed, and everyone seems to be out and about as much as possible (including me). The nice weather and dry ground sure is making it easier for me to plan photoshoots at different locations around town, but it means I’m going to have to push my innate shy-girl to the side since there’s likely to be an accidental audience!

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