Thursday, 24 March 2011

Girls we Hated in Highschool: the Fashion

About a week ago I had a moment of huge excitement, because I found out that my favourite shoe company, Jeffrey Campbell, is branching out. They’ve already conquered the footwear world for women, and have successfully created some beautiful men’s shoes, but now they are making a foray into the world of handbags.

Their line of purses, totes, and clutches has (for the time being) been named “Girls we Hated in Highschool,” because it is meant to inspire its buyers to conquer their high school nemeses, at least when it comes to fashion. While this is an obvious marketting catch, it’s really quite clever because it appeals to every girl’s inner diva, as well as is a positive reinforcement of encouragement to everyone were bullied by other girls in high school (and really weren’t we all in some way). While I love the concept of their theme, it is obviously not meant to have staying power, even though high school bullying is never really going to go away. But they also announced that the name of the line is not going to stay the same for every season, so we can look forward to another fresh and sassy theme next year! It makes sense for JC to do this, since they are constantly reinventing themselves with each new collection, and every year it seems they get even more fabulous. God knows, two pairs of fabulous Jeffrey’s could not be more different (they’ve been dubbed the “unicorn heels” and the “Russian pumps”), and with every new creation I fall more deeply in love with Jeffrey’s shoe offspring.

Girls we Hated in Highschool seems to have something for everyone; there are cute little fringed clutches, snakeskin printed hobo-bags, and carry-all bucket purses. My favourite is the fringed messenger-style purse, since it’s just enough. I’m kind of partial to fringed purses (one of my all-time favourites is a silver fringed piece of work), but this one is a little more subtle than I’m used to and would be a perfect addition to my collection. I love the movement, the material looks luscious, and the colour is perfect. Hopefully I can get my hands on one when they finally get released!

Check out the full post from the JC blog to see the rest of the collection, and if you have no idea how glorious JC’s shoes are I demand that you go to Solestruck (one of the best Jeffrey retailers) and explore the psat and present collections. Seriously, no one does it better than Jeffrey!

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