Sunday, 20 March 2011

Modern Minnie Mouse: A Shoe Sunday Story

First of all, I must apologize for writing about two pairs of green shoes in a row. But it was St. Patrick’s Day this week, and Leprechaun fever took over my brain!

This pair of gorgeous pumps by Naughty Monkey was acquired from Winners, and is one of my more cutesy pairs of heels. The bow on the side of the toe is reminiscent of Minnie Mouse, so these shoes automatically make any outfit adorable! These shoes came in a choice of yellow, red, and of course green. Being the outrageous person that I am, I chose green, since it’s anything but traditional. So I like to think of these shoes as Minnie Mouse with a twist.

The girl who wears these shoes likes to be cute, but she’s still grown up. She still has her childhood Barbie dolls, but she also drives a real life version of Barbie’s convertible (and a little too fast at that). When she’s driving she listens to Hanson, but not that 90’s MMMBop pop stuff; the newer stuff with the indie vibe.

She wears an innocent smile, and her laugh is infectious, but no one can really tell what goes on in her mind, and only the sparkle in her eyes gives her motives away. Don’t expect this girl to bring her Mickey a home cooked lunch at the construction site, but she does own an apron and makes a mean apple pie.

She believes in true love, but she’s not willing to settle on the first man who comes knocking. She likes vintage shops, but hates antique furniture, and she spends every summer weekend perusing yard sales and sipping lemonade from a neighbourhood kid’s stand. She’s a blend of the old and the new, and she’s everything that a modern woman should be.

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