Saturday, 14 July 2012

Does GG Stand for Gossip Girls or Golden Girls?

Just kidding; obviously it stands for Gossip Girl. Though I've heard Golden Girls is quite funny too!

Anyways, the nail polish I'm featuring this week (and I'm totally addicted to right now) is an oldie, but a goodie, from Rimmel called "Gold Silk" (from the Lasting Finish Pro line). Like the name says it has a silky smooth finish, and the formula is super thin (but not in the bad way), so you can layer it over other polishes or build it up to create a nice opaque shimmer on its own. Initially it reminded me of Blair (mostly because it's the most demure nail polish colour I own), but I can totally see Serena rocking this colour with some of her more glammed up party outfits.

I know most people are all about the super bright neon nail polishes this summer, but I really like how the sparkle in this polish reminds me of how sun light hits the waves when you're out boating. I spent many a time out on the water with my dad and the Parker clan (our dad's were boating dad's haha) at the Shuswap lake or down at the Thompson River, so nothing really says summer to me more than these memories. Singing Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and Savage Garden; spending all of our allowance on candy at the corner store; refusing to wear sunscreen (because back then we didn't burn); fighting over who got the next ride on the inner tube; and end of the day trips to Mr. Putt's ice cream shop. Those were the days!

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