Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Basket Case

Wow, does our generation have more issues than any other, or is it just me? Never before have more people justified going to shrinks by repeating sob stories about traumatic childhoods, schoolyard bullies, and broken hearts. Maybe life has really gotten harder, or maybe we’ve all just become a bunch of whiny babies. We whine about having the sniffles, about not having a boyfriend, about not having gluten-free vegan options on the menu, and about how much the political situation sucks currently when we’re really not interested in actually doing anything about it. Whining for the sake of whining really. I complain as much as the next person (more according to my mother, who once told me that I should get a job whining because I would be instantly rich), but what people don’t realize is that 90% of my big issues are ones that I try to deal with myself. I could tell you lot what my biggest neuroses are, but that would be breaking with tradition and would defeat the purpose of my last statement. So suffice it to say that sometimes I am a basket case, and I deal with it, and no one has to know about it because I can deal with it. Forget a therapist, I can deal with my own head, and save that money for important things – like shoes!

FYI the theme this week is Green Day, one of my favourite bands of all time, and that little video is what kicked me off on liking them! 

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