Sunday, 24 June 2012

Gypsy Living: a Sunday Shoe Story

She's the kind of girl who never leaves home without her music. Earbuds in, she walks the streets of the city until she finds a piece of green that retains a heart of wildness. Cat Stevens' "The Wind" shuffles on and her bare feet tangle with the grass as she spins and spins, grinning upwards at the sun. Spotted light through branches and bundles of leaves shadows the sun-freckles on her cheeks and shoulders.

Bladed with innocence she listens to the wind and the past, thinking of past and present and future spiralling into a single second. She looks closely at a speck of pollen but still sees the field of flowers without thinking of anything at all. All are one and the same. 
Her time will come. 

Shoes: Chinese Laundry "Gypsy"

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