Thursday, 14 June 2012

Dragons All

There are fabulous people everywhere, but I'm happy to discover that some of the best dressers are born in the year(s) of the dragon! Who's your style-spiration? I know I'll be borrowing some of these looks for sure!

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 2012.
Image from Editorial Modnique

Adrian Grenier's regular look might be the t-shirt and jeans staple, but he still has Fashion Fridays.
Image from his G+

Alicia Silverstone's alter-ego Cher sure knows how to stop,  and boy does she love her prints.
Imagr from Mamamia

Ryan Reynold's street style.
Image from Meet me on the Catwalk

Aandy Warhol rocks the classic striped shirt. Maybe that's why stripes are my favourite print!
Image from EvieScarlett

Liam Neeson might be our favourite Jedi Knight, but those brown robes are nothing less than atrocious. He cleans up nice though, doesn't he?
Image from Gentleman's Standard

Georgina Chapman, of Marchesa and Project Runway fame. I kind of want ALL of her dresses!
Image from Ruby Mines. 

Imagine, without John Lennon, Harry Potter might not have had round glasses!
Image from David Holmes

Sandra Bullock wears the dragon's signature colour on the red carpet.
Image from Fanpop

Metal music's mother of the house, Sharon Osbourne, glams it up for the red carpet.
Image from Democratic Underground 

Adele's all-black look paired with big hair is classic perfection.
Image from Just Push Play

When he's not playing everyone's favourite bad boy vampire on True Blood, Alexander Skarsgard moonlights as a Film Noir gentleman for Vogue.
Image from Fashion Oulala

She may have some frightening fashion moments, but Courtney Love's style is nothing if not unique.
Image (and more) from To the Nines

Benedict Cumberbatch be warned: I may be coming for your coat! Absolutely fabulous.
Image from Modern Destiny

Keanu Reeves looks much better sans leather trenchcoat, no?
Image from Gorgeous Footsteps

Maybe it's his chill attitude, but I'm pretty sure that Lenny Kravitz could make any outfit look good.
Image from People.

Nina Dobrev dog-walks in style. (no wonder Ian Somerhalder loves her #jealousy).
Image from Daily Planet

From the red carpet to the streets, Reese Witherspoon always knows how to style it up.
Image from Just Jared

Some uber-glam looks from Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2012
Image from Vogue Italia

Rupert Grint trades in his Hogwarts robes for a chilled suit.
Image from The Guardian

Emma Stone as the epitome of fashion, Carrie Bradshaw - love it!
Image from Emitations

Like father like daughter, Zoe Kravitz rocks the hippy-chic look.
Image from All Carito Fashion

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