Thursday, 7 June 2012

Burn Baby, Burn

Burn Baby, Burn
We Aries like to stand out in a crowd, and since fire is our element of choice, what better style-spiration could we get?

The superhero trend is huge this summer (Loki is totally my summer crush), so showing your comic book nerd pride has never been cooler. Pairing a tshirt with a pair of stand-out patterned pants or coloured denim (sorry kids, leggings don't qualify) brings the outfit to a whole other level, and you can never go wrong with a pair of Jeffery Campbell Litas. Top it all off with a pair of too-cool-for-school Aviator shades, some bright nail polish and you're set. Don't bother with doing your hair, because the wilder it looks the better!

Even the red-carpet is feeling the heat with red being a hot hot hot colour that never really goes out of style. Dripping in gold sequins and studs is all the rage in lines like Balmain and Versace, who are never too shy to go bold. I have a feeling gold jewelry is coming back, since we're seeing more and more lines turn to it as a softer counterpoint to the extremes of black and silver punk-esque studs/spikes that were seen at Burberry last fall. And of course we have Prada's classic-car inspired shoes that feature flames of every colour. They might be a bit too hot to handle for some, but I'm sure my feet could handle the attention ;)

Burn Baby, Burn by riella03 featuring a coral nail polish

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