Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Hermit

It's funny how we change and grow over the years isn't it? The quiet nerdy chick who we were in highschool morphs into a still nerdy but less quiet 20-something. Things were a bit more social for a few years - all of our friends' parents said we were a bad influence - but once we settle down our old habits come roaring back. Reading piles of books in our spare time, being happy in solitude, and the snappy retorts that gave us our name as the come-back queen become the word of the day once again.

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Our group of friends is still small, but they're strange enough to have enough personality for 3, and that's why you like them. We've chosen carefully once again, and weeded out those who only used and abused us down to a select few worthy of our mutual adoration. What's the point in amassing acquaintences when you'd rather hold court? The masses can look in on your life, but they can keep their distance behind your mirrored lenses and stop-right-there hand gesture. Earn your place and be welcomed, but beware the journey; it's not for the weak of heart.

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