Sunday, 10 June 2012

That's your Horoscope for Today: a Sunday Shoe Story

Aries: Your addiction to spending money will rear its ugly head once again. Refrain from feeling any guilt and you'll get through it just fine. Paying off the minimum balance of your credit card is acceptable (just this once).

Taurus: The alignment of the stars predicts movement, so take a dance class. They say spinning in a circle will clear your head of anything but dizziness, and you're natural confidence will keep you from feeling like you're making a fool of yourself in public. 

Gemini: You'll butt heads with someone with just as much personality as you this month. If you play the situation right, you may just come out on top. Or maybe it'll be your other side that wins this time. 

Cancer: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, or in your case just keep crab-walking. The end of the drama you've been dealing with lately will finally come, and you'll get to spend a week relaxing on the beach. 

Leo: Let the lion's pride roar this month. Speak your mind, and someone who's ear you've been trying to catch will finally listen, whether it's your boss, your best friend, or your crush. 

Virgo: Balancing your many responsibilities is becoming a bit much, so maybe it's time that you stopped juggling and straightened out your priorities. Once you let a few of those obligations drop you'll stop feeling so stretched. A margarita never hurt anyone either ;).

Libra: You'll take a trip this month. Regardless of whether you go across the street or across the seas new discoveries fill your psyche. Explore, learn, and make sure to bring your best friend back a present.

Scorpio: The god Apollo must have you in his eye this month, because you have an insatiable urge to create. You'll finally sit down to hammer out that song that's been ringing in your ear or that novel that's been kicking around your mind for years. Harness the god's influence and be inspired by whatever is your Muse!

Sagittarius: You've been in a rut lately, and feeling inspid about everything, but nothing can motivate you better than yourself. Have a spa day, go see a movie, or make a batch of triple chocolate brownies and see if you start feeling back to your old self.

Capricorn: Trust your instincts and don't go out with that guy who asks you out when you're taking the bus home from work. He might offer to pay for your coffee, but you'll end up paying in the long run. Invest in your relationships with your friends instead, since you know how to track them down if they try to steal your social insurance number.

Aquarius: You want change, and your stylist may go along with you, but think twice before you dye your hair fuschia. Your flightly nature will only regret it in a few days. 

Pisces: Now is the time for conversation, Pisces. Your dual nature wants you to examine both sides of every story, and to discover every detail behind a decision before you accept it. Just remember to examine your own mind as well as others', or you might be seen as judgmental. 

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