Tuesday, 5 June 2012

You Want Fireworks? I'll Show You Fireworks!

Some people say I have a temper. I’ve always said that I have a low-bullshit tolerance, and when that fails to convince people, I blame it on being born a typical fiery Aries. We Aries are dynamic characters; we’re the ones who will start the fires, whether it’s the destructive kind that burn down relationships or the kindling sparks of inspiration behind a brilliant project. I tend to try to channel my fires for good, but occasionally someone gets in my way, and they have to be dealt with accordingly. Like forest fires, my wrath can start with a single spark, and a single comment. The flames may lie waiting as simmering embers for years before I let the flames rage to consume everything in my path, even after you think that the forest has been saved. When we’re wronged we tend not to forgive easily, and like some forest fires, it’s better just to let us burn ourselves out or risk unforeseen collateral damage. Back away from the flames, roast some marshmallows, and let us run our course. You can’t truly control us, but sometimes we’ll decide to keep the fire to a single flame instead of an inferno. After all, the flickering lights and danger of the flame is what keeps the moths coming back for more.

*In no way do I condone actual arson. Destroy emotionally, not physically. It lasts longer!

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