Saturday, 16 June 2012

Flying Dragon

"Flying Dragon (neon)" from China Glaze is one of the stranger matte polishes I've tried. It's a really deep orchid purple, with tonnes of blue glitter flecks, but the consistency is super watery! Normally matte polishes are stickier than regular ones, so the second coat builds up perfectly, but in this case a third coat is definitely needed if you don't want it to look too pink. Because of the glitter flecks the polish is pretty gritty, which means that your nails are going to catch on things (and the manicure is likely to get ruined quite quickly). The orchid colour totally pops with a shiny topcoat though, so that's the way that I'll be wearing this polish in the future. Sidenote: why the heck does China Glaze specify their matte-finish polishes by calling them neons? Why not say that they're matte finish instead of using a word that doesn't even relate?

You can totally see the grainy texture of the glitter.
I think that happens because the base is a bit thin to support the glitter properly.

See how pink this looks with only two coats?

With topcoat, in the shade. Finally the orchid I wanted!