Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Summer & the City

At the beginning of this summer I was not impressed that I didn’t have a job lined up, which in my mind meant that I “had nothing to do.” But now that Autumn is in sight I’m kind of glad that I’ve had this time to be free. I haven’t had a summer without work or summer classes since… grade 9. Considering that I’m graduating next year (woot!) and hopefully stepping straight into a professional grown-up job, this may be the last summer of complete freedom that I’ll ever have. I may finally be free from school in a year, but grown-up jobs don’t have summer vacation. So instead of whining about not having an awesome summer job I’ll revel in all the other things I get to do in the meantime. Things like volunteering at a film archive, reading 10+ books a week, catching up on 3 years worth of tv episodes before the new seasons start, baking far too many cookies, and doing exactly nothing if I want to. After all, time is what you make of it, and sometimes being able to wear “work inappropriate clothes” is what makes life worth it. Bring on the short shorts & flip flops baby!

Images from the Guess 2011 spring/summer campaign, from this website

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